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We are strangers were we live

but we are cool!

Strangers in the city
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This is a community for everyone who lives in a different county for a short or longer period. So you are a stranger in the city!! We can talk about experiences, meeting other foreign people in the same city as you, advertising rooms for internationals etc.

If you are going to another country you can always ask people about ways of living overthere.

Pin your place and a message in our guestmap!!!!!

You are welcome to join this group! But first we'll like you to introduce yourself (the most important rule!)
Please, copy and paste this in your first entry----

- Name:
- Age:
- Where are you from?
- Where are you going to/do you live?
- Why are you going there?
- What are your interests?
- Do you have a website?
- A picture of yourself please??

by the way: If there is someone who could make a nice flashy userpic for this community that would be fantastic!! A better background, banner or suggestions for the interest section as well! :P
mail the moderator! sidevi@tiscali.nl

Other rules:
-Please respect each other!! No dicrimination!
-Pictures are ok. Make sure they are not HUGE and please, if you want to post 2 pics or more: USE A LJ-CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Keep it on topic as much as you can!
-I think it's best that the average language is english. But i don't think there is a problem with posting in a differnt language if you want to (but please, at least try to translate it into english so the rest of us knows what's going on!)
-Have fun!

searching for a place to stay? rent a room or anything like that? We already have some links for you!! And if you know a good link please tell me! love sidevi.
Here are some very usefull links:

Germany- Berlin: rooms-flats for rent: http://www.roomwithaloo.com/
The Netherlands- Amsterdam: rooms-flats wanted-offered: http://www.elynx.nl/